Transference; How you see me is how you see yourself – Source Arts Centre Thurles

Transference; How you see me is how you see yourself – Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co Tipperary, 2nd July – 1st August 2023.

In the setting up for my upcoming show in Source Arts Centre Thurles, there was no running away now. It’s funny as I look at the paintings all around the perimeter of the huge gallery space. It reminds me of a teenage disco.

The music is blasting, then it goes down tempo, slows right down. To awkward pace. Careless whisper by George Michael pipes up (I know showing my young age), then it’s sit and wait. Will you? won’t you? be asked up for a ‘slow set’. If not you were counting the seconds for Tainted Love, by Soft Cell to pump its way around the community hall so that you could become invisible amongst the crowd.

Ahhhh Memories. Yes, that’s what my exhibition taps into. Memories, mine, hopefully yours. I love hearing what memories come up for you through my work. You see, it’s just like when I say, Battenburg, loop the loops, big time bars, candy cigarettes, ice cream man, putting on the emersion, boot skates, out till dark, yo-yo’s, skateboards, cool pops, community games, soda streams, bringing your bottles back for money, milk man, bread man, what do you recall?

Transference, how you see me is how you see yourself, please join me on Saturday at 2pm for the opening.

Show opens Fri 2nd to July 1st.


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